Heaven's Door "The Bootleg Series"


Introducing the first expression in The Bootleg Series by Heaven’s Door. Named after Bob Dylan’s famous “Bootleg Series” of albums, the line-up invites people to experience the art of craft whiskey on a new level and will feature unique and unreleased whiskeys, including special blends, barrel finishes and rare stocks. Each offering in the series features one of Dylan’s paintings on a hand-made ceramic bottle in a collectible leather case.

The 2019 Edition

   -  26 Year Aged Whisky finished in Japanese Mizunara Oak barrels
   -  Two rarities together, a whisky aged for 26 years and a highly
      precious Japanese wood vintage
   -  Distilled from a low rye mashbill
   -  111.5 proof, 55.75% alc. by vol.
   -  Mizunara Oak is one of the rarest and most expensive types of oak
      in the world and must be at least 200 years before being harvested
      for barrel aging
   -  Inherent flavors created in whisky from Mizunara are sandalwood,
      coconut, and a type of oriental incense called Dīngxiāng (clove)
   -  2019 Edition features Train Tracks by Bob Dylan inside a collectible,
      individually numbered leather journal

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