8 of the Fanciest Rare Liquors To Drink Today

We don’t need holidays to give us a reason to enjoy eight of the fanciest rare liquors to drink today. Still, it’s a lovely excuse if you need one. In this article we’ll go over each unique liquor and why you must seize the moment and savor the taste if you get the opportunity to taste one. Let’s get started.

What Makes a Liquor Fancy?

What makes a liquor fancier than another? There are a few reasons a bottle may be deemed “fancy.” Price isn’t one of them. A rare or top shelf liquor is of a higher quality due to ingredients or how it’s distilled. Aging sometimes plays a role in gaining a fancy reputation, as does how much is produced at a time.

And does fancy necessarily mean better? Not necessarily. To many connoisseurs, yes. Still, your own palate is the only determining factor you need to decide what liquor makes its way into your collection.

Ten Liquors To Never Pass Up

Before we get into our scrumptious list, we’d like to say if it’s possible to add these rare spirits to your collection, do so. However, rare liquors are also expensive liquors, so if you can’t afford them, jump on any chance you get to simply taste them.

The Dalmore 50

The Dalmore 50 is a single malt Scotch whisky, distilled in 1966, and produced a whopping 50 bottles. Yes, only 50. It’s aged in sherry casks, American oak barrels, and port pipes before finishing in champagne casks. Ready for the price? Thanks to such a rare, small production, The Dalmore 50 is $60,000 a bottle. Add it to your Christmas list.

Deanston 40-Year-Old

Dark, yet light and fruity, only 72 bottles of Deanston 40-year-old scotch whisky are floating around the U.S. Some things get better with age, and this is one of them. Distilled at the Highland’s distillery in 1975, Deanston 40-year-old is a rare gem and sells around $1,000 a bottle.

Yamazaki 18 Year

Japanese whiskys are gaining popularity and holding their own against American and Irish whiskeys. Yamazaki 18, in particular, is a rare and hard to find liquor that’s considered quite collectible. Many search for it just to get a taste of its velvet feel and crisp flavor. Compared to other rare liquors, it’s a steal at $900.

Macallan 25 Year

Scotch lovers trust and revere the name, Macallan. Their scotches are expensive, and the 25 year is no exception at around $2000 a bottle. Ask a scotch aficionado if that’s worth it and you’ll leave them speechless wondering what’s wrong with you. To many, yes, it’s worth it. Macallans carry a hefty price tag because they’re rare. The distillery is known for its passion to create barrels made from the finest of woods and seasoned in sherry.

Martell L’Or De Jean

At a mere $5,000, Martell L’Or de Jean makes the perfect stocking stuffer. Hailing from the oldest Cognac house in France, some say Martell has created nothing less than perfection with L’Or de Jean. The sophisticated and unique decanter gives way to one of the most opulent and distinguished Cognacs.

Remy Martin Louis XIII

Another elegant Cognac; it’s hard to know where to begin with Remy Martin Louis XIII. The bottle itself is enough to make a collector want to own it. Compared to the other fanciest rare liquors to drink today, Remy Martin Louis XIII comes in at about $750 a bottle. The history behind this beautiful, amber drink is fascinating. Each bottle is a sum of multiple generations, aged to perfection. You must see and taste it to believe it.

Clase Azul Gold Tequila

Clase Azul Gold is a combination of Plata and a rare reposado, which is aged in French oak casks, along with American whiskey casks, and then finished in sherry casks. The two together are an irresistible pairing for tequila lovers. If you’ve never considered enjoying tequila neat, rather than in a cocktail, try this one and you’ll never look back. You’ll need to invest around $1,800 to do so.

Van Winkle Special Reserve 12 Years Old

Twelve years, meaning this bourbon isn’t sold until it’s aged over a decade. For bourbon fans who’ve tried it, they have coined the simple word, nectar, to describe it. Many will easily pay its price tag of $1,200 just to savor a sip now and then. Full bodied, sweet, and rich, Van Winkle Special Reserve 12 Years Old makes the perfect after dinner drink.

How To Enjoy a Rare Spirit

Once you get your hands on a rare liquor, it’s essential to drink it properly. Rarities such as Clase Azul Gold Tequila are too wonderful to pour into a blender for a margarita. Here’s what we suggest as you try your first taste of a collectible liquor:

  • Pour the spirit neat, with no ice, about one to two ounces. If you’ve heard the term, two fingers, it literally means pour to the height of two fingers laying parallel across the bottom half of the glass. Drinking neat allows for an honest tasting.
  • Take your time and let each of your senses decide what they think. Wonderful liquors cater to all your senses from sight and smell, to taste. Observe the color. Put your nose in the glass and inhale for layers of aromas.
  • Finally, taste. Take a small sip and chew the liquor. Chewing means to move the liquid to different areas of your mouth. As you practice tasting, you’ll notice different tastebuds yield different results, allowing you to experience every note.
  • Swallow and close your eyes, feeling the liquor as it travels down. Even the sensation of a low burn or a great one is part of the experience. Notice how a taste or smell lingers even after you swallow.

For those of us who enjoy the search for rare liquors—and even more so, collecting them—a list like the one we’ve discussed beckons us to find the bottle of our dreams as soon as possible. We recommend you enjoy the journey as you search, save, and invest. Few things are worth savoring in life—unique liquors are one of them.

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8 of the Fanciest Rare Liquors To Drink Today