8 Rum Cocktails You Need To Try

Rum can’t help it—its sweet and spicy flavor transports us to a warm paradise. Don’t put your rum back on the shelf just because summer is ending. The cooler months are the perfect time to enjoy these eight rum cocktails you need to try.

The Old Fashioned

Yes, it seems against the rules, but that’s why we like it. Bourbon is the old standby for a classic Old Fashioned. Still, we suggest you live on the edge and try a rum Old Fashioned instead. Simply replace the bourbon with your favorite rum.

The Mojito

Lime and fresh mint mingle with white rum in the Cuban mojito. Pair mojitos with your favorite street tacos for the perfect combination.

The Banana Daiquiri

There’s no need to start mashing up bananas. Simply grab some crème de banane liqueur, along with fresh lime juice and your favorite rum, for a new tropical twist on the classic daquiri.

The Canchánchara

Another drink from Cuba with a rich history is the Canchánchara. It was originally created to drink in a clay mug, but if you must settle, any glass will do. The Canchánchara is an enticing mix of white rum, lime, soda water, and honey. The combination is nothing less than refreshingly sweet on a hot day or those moments when we’d like to pretend we’re somewhere else.

One Last Midnight

An unusual take on the Manhattan, One Last Midnight shows off quite a lineup of decadent ingredients—dark rum, two rich Italian vermouths, Islay Scotch, and just a pinch of coffee salt. One last Midnight allows rum to show off its ability to offer a cozy, warm drink rather than something tropical.

The Hurricane

Made famous by New Orleans and traditionally served in a Hurricane glass, this is one of the eight rum cocktails you need to try with a group of friends who are ready to have a good time.

The Hurricane doesn’t lack for spirits, with two types of rum, both light and dark, orange and lime juices, passion fruit, and grenadine. Shake it up and be transported to the Big Easy.

The Mai Tai

The Mai Tai is just the right amount of sweet and somewhat of a tiki legend. Flavors of orange and lime mix with mint and both light and dark rum, making this drink perfect for your luau party. But don’t let that fool you; the Mai Tai is also happy to warm your insides when sipped by an autumn fire.

Dark and Stormy

It had to be named on a dark and stormy night, right? Ginger beer and dark rum are all that’s needed. Pour it over some ice and toss in a lime wedge for a simple, albeit dramatically named, dark and stormy.

Fall is the perfect time to experiment with rum cocktails and start enjoying this rich, spicy spirit beyond the summer months. If you aren’t sure where to start with your rum collection, VS Liquor is happy to help. We have an extensive collection of high-end rum for all your rum cocktail needs. Contact us or browse our online store, then send out the invites for your next dinner party featuring rum cocktails.