A Review of Appleton Estate Rum Reserve Blend

Appleton Estate has relaunched its venerable brand with new label and bottle designs. Coinciding with the brand relaunch was the introduction of a new reserve blend. The youngest rum in the bottle is aged for eight years, but the blend includes 20 rums, with two from rare, reserve stock. The blend is bottled at 43% ABV. Here’s a review of the new Appleton Estate Rum Reserve Blend.

Appleton Estate rums are made from “cane to cup” in the Nassau Valley region of southwest Jamaica. Rum from Jamaica begins with molasses, the sticky, brown liquid left behind after the distillery boils sugar cane juice and removes the sugar crystals. One of the select rums in the world able to claim a “terroir,” Appleton Estate uses water from its own limestone spring for the process.

Joy Spence is the first woman in the industry to earn the title Master Blender. She created Appleton Estate Rum Reserve Blend to celebrate the distillery’s 250th anniversary. Spence seeks to express Jamaica’s vibrant energy through Appleton’s premium rum. Her signature appears on the bottle of Reserve Blend.

Reviews of Appleton Estate Rum Reserve, which replaced the old eight-year-old in 2016, describe it as fruity and spicy with a hint of orange on the nose, followed by notes of vanilla, honey, and holiday spice on the palate. Some detect chocolate and tropical fruit in the nose along with a whisper of burnt caramel and a palate that includes hot cinnamon and toffee. The finish is described as short and light, with echoes of molasses and allspice. Spence has crafted a swell sipper with this one, which works as great base for premium cocktails.

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