An Introduction to Various Types of Rum

Some spirits can be claimed by only one region. When a new distiller comes along and wants to change things up by creating a liquor in a new region, it doesn’t always fare well. Bourbon is from Kentucky, and Scotch is from Scotland. It makes sense, and we won’t argue as long as the spirits keep flowing.

Rum, however, is different: it’s produced in over 80 countries. In our introduction to various types of rum, you’ll begin to understand how unique rum is and how diversified its many personalities are.

White Rum

Judging by its clear color, we might assume white rum is the mildest of all the rums. That assumption is correct. White rum is light in color and flavor, making it the perfect rum for blending with cocktails. Did someone say mojito?

Two other cocktails that call for white rum are the daiquiri and the piña colada. White rum is all about that tropical feeling.

Dark Rum

Dark rum is usually aged in oak barrels for a good amount of time. “Dark” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the darkest-colored rum you’ll find. A dark-labeled rum means the rum has been aged for a longer period than other rums. Although dark rums are used in cocktails, you can expect a stronger flavor.

Spiced Rum

Spiced, or flavored, rums have added seasonings, usually in the form of spices. Ginger, vanilla, and cinnamon are commonly used to create wonderfully warm and aromatic rums. Spiced rums are perfect in recipes such as spice cake.

Gold Rum

Like dark rums, gold rums are aged for several years. The type of barrel used varies, giving gold rums a variety of flavor. You may taste caramel, citrus, or even coconut, depending on the barrel in which the rum was aged. Gold rum is known for its beautiful color, and people enjoy it in cocktails as well as neat.

Rhum Agricole

Rhum agricole is made specifically in the French territories of the Caribbean (most commonly Martinique). Pure cane juice is the base for rhum agricole. With a lower alcohol content than that of other rums—only 70 percent—agricole has little burn and allows the delicious flavor of the cane juice to shine through.

One of the most popular cocktails made with rhum agricole is petit punch, where the agricole is mixed with cane juice and lime. It’s sweet with just enough bite.


Hailing from Brazil, cachaça is not aged but sometimes left in barrels for short periods of time, which allows the full flavor of fresh cane juice. Cachaça makes wonderful cocktails with its sweet notes and fresh aroma. Many people also often enjoy it on the rocks.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our introduction to various types of rum as much as we have enjoyed sharing it. Choose just one, or try them all at your next tasting event. Rum is an underestimated, multifaceted spirit.

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