The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Liquor Lover in Your Life

A gift of fine spirits says you understand good taste and that you’re willing to make a statement that you care. The ultimate gift guide for the liquor lover in your life will help you select a memorable bottle for family and friends who appreciate the finer things in life.


Whether your liquor lover is a bourbon snob or a bourbon novice, there’s a bottle for every bourbon drinker to enjoy.

Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series 2020 Limited Release: flavors drawn forth from wooden staves of toasted American and French oak, then barrel finished, this limited edition goes in the bottle at 112 proof. Barrel finishing brings out caramel, vanilla, and baking spice notes.

Eagle Rare: from the storied Buffalo Trace distillery, Eagle Rare is aged at least 10 years. An accessible introduction to the Buffalo Trace selection of bourbons, Eagle Rare can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of water.

Bourbon’s spicier cousin, rye whiskey, has risen in the ranks for those who appreciate fine spirits.

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Rye: from a go-to distillery, this traditional Kentucky Rye whiskey starts off with a little punch of pepper and tobacco and finishes smooth with notes of sweeter fruit.

High West Campfire: a whiskey lover’s dream, this blend of Scotch, bourbon, and rye whiskey is aptly named, with the snap and pop of complex flavors.

High West A Midwinter Night’s Dram: an annual limited release blend of straight rye whiskies finished in French oak and port barrels, each bottle bears a label identifying it by “Act” and “Scene.”


With or without the “e,” the liquor lover in your life will be thrilled with a rare bottle.

Yamazaki 12 Year Old: from Japan’s premier distillery, any whisky lover would be honored to have this bottle in their collection. The 12 year is more affordable than the laudable 18 year version, but a gift of this rare and hard-to-find whisky will endear you to any whisky afficionado in your life.

The Macallan: mastery in barrel aging marks The Macallan brand. The 15 year spends time in a combination of American ex-bourbon and American and European sherry seasoned casks to develop its flavors.


The Real McCoy: named after a legendary Prohibition-era rum runner who smuggled it from Barbados, this smooth, 12-year aged sipper adds warmth and spice to any holiday celebration.

Appleton Estate 12 Year Blend: created by Joy Spence, the first woman to earn the title Master Blender, Appleton Estate 12 year is a bold blend of individually chosen rums each aged a minimum of 12 years.

Appleton Estate Rum Reserve Blend: a Joy Spence special creation in celebration of Appleton Estate’s 250th year, Appleton Estate Rum Reserve Blend combines 20 rums, with two from very rare reserve barrels. The youngest spirit in the bottle was aged eight years. Appleton Estate Rum Reserve Blend is both complex and versatile.


It's all about the botanicals with gin. Traditionalists stick with juniper, but distilleries are experimenting with other types of botanicals to broaden the flavor spectrum for this spirit.

Nolet’s Silver Dry: targeted toward the more adventurous, new generation gin drinker, this bottle uses a combination not seen before in traditional gins.

Hendrick’s: carefully crafted in Scotland using a Carter-Head still from the 19th century, Hendrick’s uses a botanical blend that includes rose petals and cucumber. The vapor-bath rather than boiling method the Carter-Head still uses produces a smooth, flavorful gin.


Look for the flavors layered on to the base in a bottle of vodka. Creative distillers provide fruit flavors but also spice and heat.

Infuse Spirits Mango Habanero: hot and sweet, with a peachy-orange color, this vodka will surprise your liquor lover with a new direction. Great for a brunch-time Bloody Mary.

Cîroc White Grape: five times distilled and finished copper pots, this vodka is made from French grapes and infused with other natural flavors for a smooth sip.


Smoking jacket optional, a gift of cognac expresses old world elegance and good taste.

Hennessy Paradis: liquid velvet best describes this luxury cognac. Priced to reflect its quality and rarity, a gift of Hennessy Paradis is a serious investment in your relationship to your gift recipient.

Grand Marnier Cuvee du Centenaire XO: an exquisite blend of cognacs first introduced in 1927 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of its maker, the orange flavor is the keynote of this perennial favorite.


Tequila has achieved long-deserved recognition as a fine spirit for sipping as well as in cocktails. Select silver or gold, joven or añejo, but select quality.

Don Julio 1942: commemorating the year Don Julio began making tequila, this small batch spirit ages for at least two and a half years in oak barrels.

Gran Patron Piedra Extra Añejo: made from 100% Weber blue agave and prepared in the traditional way, using a tahona (stone wheel) to crush the agave hearts after cooking, the distilled liquid ages in American and French oak barrels. With its beautiful amber color and elegant bottle topped with a weighted stopper, Gran Patron Piedra Extra Añejo graces the most discerning liquor cabinet.

By using this ultimate gift guide for the liquor lover in your life, you can easily select the perfect bottle. We suggest narrowing it down by the type of spirit your loved one likes, and selecting for quality, taste, and rarity. It’s easy to browse specialty liquor online and select from famous as well as lesser-known brands. Instead of chasing from store to store in pursuit of limited edition bourbons, whiskies, and rums, search from your laptop or phone and order with ease. You can find appropriate and memorable gifts at every price point for family, friends, and business associates.

Fine spirits are a mark of fine living. Those with means can add to collections of rare and hard-to-find liquor. Those just learning about quality spirits will find plenty of information online to educate themselves about the methods of creating fine liquor, and the history and distinctions of various distilleries. Happy Holidays from all of us here at VS Liquors.

Gift Guide for the Liquor Lover in Your Life