What To Know About Angel’s Envy Bourbon

Whether you’re a novice or a bourbon afficionado, if you haven’t had the honor of tasting the unique Angel’s Envy bourbon, please seek a bottle of it immediately. Nothing compares to the rich feeling of velvet on the tongue as you take that first sip and slowly chew, hitting every tastebud and awakening every sense. It’s that smooth. Here’s what to know about Angel’s Envy bourbon so that you can enjoy the history of this Kentucky spirit as you appreciate your own glass.

A Little History

Lincoln Henderson retired as a master distiller after developing well-known brands such as Gentleman Jack and Woodford Reserve. To say he was a master is an understatement. With this in mind, Lincoln’s son Wes approached dad about starting a family business, and Angel’s Envy was the result.

The distillery in downtown Louisville, KY, is the first of its kind, and fans flock to it annually for tours of the distillery that creates their favorite bourbon.

Angel’s Envy gets its clever name from the idea that angels take a small percentage of every distilled spirit each year (via evaporation). What’s left is the “angel’s envy,” as they wish they had more. We think it’s pretty clever and suits this bourbon quite well.

How It’s Distilled

They say Angel’s Envy is Scotch-inspired and American-made. We say it’s the perfect combination.

Like Scotch, Angel’s Envy uses a secondary barrel finish, but it’s not just any barrel—they use ruby port wine barrels. Bourbon and port wine mix, and the reaction is the sweetest, most velvety perfection you’ve ever encountered.

Oh, by the way, the distillers of Angel’s Envy are pure perfectionists and take their craft seriously, tasting every barrel before we consume it. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

The Notes

Please be seated, as this list of notes may make any lover of bourbon light-headed.

  • The color—golden amber
  • The aroma—caramel, maple syrup, nuts, and vanilla
  • The palate—creamy vanilla, tangerine, slightly smokey
  • The finish—hints of Madeira (Portuguese wine), smooth, silky, lingers on the tongue

How To Enjoy Angel’s Envy

With its list of smooth, almost sensual notes, Angel’s Envy certainly needs no additions to make it enjoyable.

Distillers recommend that tasters sip it neat, with an ice cube, or with a few drops of water. The dilution from ice or water cools off the “burn” from alcohol, and rather than leaving a watered-down flavor, it opens up the bourbon and allows the taster to appreciate each note.

In conclusion, as you add Angel’s Envy to your liquor collection, expect to replace it often. Once you’ve tasted it, it never again needs an introduction; its unique smoothness speaks for itself every time.

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