5 Flavored Vodka Cocktails You Must Make in 2022

Are you itching to try your hand at creating the cocktail classics at home? Flavored vodkas make the process easy and delicious. From sweet to spicy, there's a flavored vodka out there to suit any cocktail you can imagine. Let’s explore five flavored vodka cocktails you must make in 2022!

The Tools of the Trade

To start making cocktails at home, you need the proper tools for the job. Here are a handful of things you need for your flavored-vodka creations:

  • Your vodka of choice
  • Your favorite mixer(s)—we recommend fruit juices, sodas, or sparkling water to start
  • A shaker or mixing glass

Every unique cocktail requires specialized ingredients, so it’s essential to have everything your recipe lists before you start pouring.

Five Flavorful Vodka Cocktails

Once you have all the tools and ingredients on hand, it’s time to get mixing! Here are five of our favorite cocktails that are even better when you add flavored vodka.

The Moscow Mule

This vodka cocktail is a classic for a reason. Made with ginger beer, lime juice, and vodka, it's the perfect drink to enjoy on a balmy day. Fruity vodkas elevate this classic to new heights!

The Orange Crush

This refreshing mix of orange juice, cranberry juice, and vodka is perfect for any occasion. Dessert vodkas in this cocktail soften the tart flavor, while citrus vodkas kick it up a notch.

The Cosmopolitan

This famous cocktail is a must-try for any vodka lover. Made with cranberry juice, lime juice, and orange liqueur, it's both sweet and tart. The classy cosmo is one more drink that brightens with citrus-flavored vodka as a staple ingredient!

The White Russian

You can create this creamy, delicious cocktail using vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream. It's the perfect drink to enjoy any time you need a little pick-me-up. Dessert vodka flavors transform this cocktail into something truly decadent.

The Bloody Mary

This spicy favorite is perfect for breakfast or as an appetizer at a party. Made with vodka, tomato juice, and a variety of seasonings, the Bloody Mary is sure to please everyone's taste buds. Jalapeno lime vodkas can add a unique touch to this classic drink!

Fun Cocktail Additions

You can get creative with your vodka cocktails by adding in additional flavors. Here are a few other things you can try to bring these classics to the next level:

  • Fresh herbs like mint or basil add a delicious, natural flavor to your drink.
  • Frozen fruits like strawberries or raspberries give your cocktail a fun and fruity twist.
  • Liqueurs like Irish cream, peach schnapps, or hazelnut spread add depth to any cocktail.

The five flavored vodka cocktails you must make in 2022 may be classics, but they’re always a hit. Skip wandering the aisles by shopping with VS Liquor, where you can buy vodka online and gain access to high-quality, rare brands that take your cocktails to the next level.