Why Are There No American Tequila Brands?

When searching for tequila for sale, you will notice a lack of American-made tequila brands. This fact is a shock to some buyers, especially considering the booming popularity of tequila in recent years. So why haven't any American entrepreneurs attempted to produce and distill tequila in the states? Keep reading to learn why there are no American tequila brands and see what it takes for an American entrepreneur to break into the tequila-making market.

The History of Tequila

Tequila is a distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant, specifically the heart of the plant, known as the piña. The origins of tequila stretch back for centuries; the Aztecs first produced fermented drinks using agave plants more than a thousand years ago.

After running out of brandy, Spanish conquistadors began the process of fermenting the agave plant in new ways. Families in the area opened distilleries and officially created the production process for what we now know as tequila.

The “Father of Tequila,” Don Cenobio Sauza, first exported tequila to the US in 1873. He and his grandson would go on to help the tequila-making community set production standards and create a definition for authentic tequila.

The Tequila-Making Process

The Jalisco region of Mexico currently boasts an iconic association with its natively grown blue agave plants. There are only a few distilleries in this region, all of which produce tequila.

Making tequila begins when a jimador harvests the piña of blue agave plants. Afterward, producers cook the center in an oven for several hours until soft. They then shred the plant and place it into a large vat, where the shreds mix with water to create the tequila mash.

The mash moves into a fermentation tank, and the distillery leaves it to ferment for several days. Once the fermentation process is complete, the mash transfers into a still and beings the distilling process. Once finished, the distillery bottles the drink and ships it to stores worldwide.

Why There Are No American Tequila Brands

So why are there no American tequila brands growing the agave and distilling their own product? The primary reason is that it’s a complex spirit to produce. The agave plant takes years to grow, and it needs a specific climate and soil to thrive. There are also many distinct types of agave plants, and each type of agave produces a different kind of drink and flavor profile.

Another reason why there are no American tequila brands is that the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT) has strict regulations for producing tequila. To call their product "tequila,” a distiller must use only blue agave plants, and the distillation process must occur in Mexico.

American brands sell agave spirits under various names, but true tequila is something special. If you’re shopping for tequila, our collection of incredible tequila brands is the best place to begin your search. From rare brands to specialty bottles, our team at VS Liquor can connect you with exactly the beverage you’re looking for.