A Little History About Captain Morgan’s Rum

If you’ve assumed that previous pirate experience is necessary to enjoy rum, we’re afraid you thought wrong. Although, we can’t be held accountable for any pirate behavior while sipping Captain Morgan should the mood strike. In all seriousness, Captain Morgan’s rum has a charming history that brought us a rum that quickly became a staple in every liquor collection. Sit back and enjoy a little history about Captain Morgan’s rum.

Who Is Captain Morgan?

Captain Morgan was first Sir Henry Morgan, a well-loved Welshman and eventually the Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica. In 1655 he became a soldier and then later became a sailor.

The history of Captain Morgan became skewed, as much history is fated to become. Let’s just say he may or may not have accidentally attacked a certain country while a peace treaty was underway (oops).

He was quickly forgiven due to his fame and admirable qualities. By now, you’re probably beginning to see why his name is all over a world-renowned rum. Some say he was more of a pirate with the law on his side. And let’s face it, that kind of makes the rum sound more fun.

The Rum

Now that we’ve enjoyed a little history about the person who was Captain Morgan, let’s discuss the rum itself. How does such a sweet and spicy bottle of rum come to be? It all began when locals in the Caribbean started squeezing the sweet juices from sugarcane hundreds of years ago. The juice was then fermented and distilled, and rum was born.

In 1944, the Seagram company bought Long Pond distillery from Jamaica, and Captain Morgan charmed his way onto the bottles. With its Caribbean roots, they figured that a pirate type of figure would suit the rum well, and well it did.

How It’s Made Today

Today, Captain Morgan is created with yeast, molasses, water, and mash. That beautiful golden color and sweet taste comes from the molasses (sugarcane). After distilling, it’s aged in oak barrels for up to a year. The darker the barrel, the darker the color of the rum. There are now several variations of Captain Morgan’s rum, and some even have added spices for intense flavor.

The Notes You’ll Find In Rum

There are several variations on this sugarcane liquor, but we’re focusing on dark rum and spiced rum. Each has its own distinct differences, and both are fantastic places to start when tasting rums.

Dark Rum Notes

Dark rum is aged longer than white rums in dark charred oak barrels, hence the dark color and rich flavor. Its spicey notes and taste and smell of deep, dark molasses reminds us of a molasses cookie. When it comes to cooking with rum, dark rum is a favorite because of its robust, rich flavor and aroma.

Spiced Rum Notes

Spiced rum usually begins with a golden rum, and spices are added to it. This makes the notes pretty clear and enjoyable. You’ll often notice cinnamon, pepper, and even rosemary within it. Spiced rums certainly tantalize the senses with wonderful aromas before they hit one’s tongue.

If we’ve made you thirsty, our apologies. Blame Captain Morgan if you like, although from what we’ve learned, you’d fall in love with him just as most people did and still do today.

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