Drinking Neat: Liquors That Are Best on Their Own

To drink a liquor neat means to drink it with nothing hindering the taste. Everyone has their own taste, but some of our favorite spirits were made to show off their gifts all on their own. Let’s take a look at the liquors that are best on their own.


Bourbon whiskey hails from the bluegrass state and is still wildly popular today. Occasionally, the old-fashioned cocktail has the privilege of using it as a base, but those who want to taste every note should eagerly pour 2 fingers and spend the next hour or so sniffing, chewing, and swallowing one of America’s favorite after-dinner pastimes.

If you haven’t yet, try your favorite bourbon neat, and enjoy the pleasure of awakening your senses.


There are two types of people—those who drink scotch whisky and those who don’t. Seldom a go-to for cocktails, scotch is quite confident in itself. Open it up with a splash of water or simply on its own to discover each note in a different form.

Scotch gets a bad rap as a formal spirit. As far as we can tell, there is no club one must join in order to partake in one of Scotland’s greatest gifts. Enjoy the imagined formality if that makes the experience unique and enjoyable for you. After all, scotch whisky is quite an acquired taste, and never, ever intended as a quick drink. Savor each sip.

American or Irish Whiskey

Yes, we are taking our chances here and forcing the Americans and Irish to share a section on whiskey. Truth be told, we love them both dearly. There are differences and each has its own dedicated fans who never stray to the other side. Still, for the sake of whiskey, let’s group the two together.

Whiskey makes a great mixer. However, with the many varieties of both Irish and American whiskeys, you’re missing out if you’ve never tried it neat. Grab your snifters and taste a little American and a little Irish, an ounce at a time. The fascinating thing about both, is each will absolutely taste different, no matter where they’re proudly from.


Yes, tequila. Absolutely, it’s a great mixer and we’ll never give up our favorite tequila-based cocktails that remind us of sunny days. We’ll also never give up enjoying tequila neat, since it’s one of the most layered spirits out there, and one of the liquors that are best on their own.

Each tequila is fascinatingly different and deserves the full use of all of your senses. Give tequila a try as an after-dinner drink. You’ll be surprised at what it has kept secret from you.

Many liquors are created with layers of notes for our enjoyment, most in the same way for generations because of beautifully stubborn tradition. We’re thankful for that, and at VS Liquor, we’re proud of our collection of rare and hard-to-find liquors. Contact us and we’ll walk you through our simple ordering process where you can buy rare whiskey online, along with all of your favorite spirits.