A Review of Cihuatán Nahual Legacy Blend Rum

Of the six base spirits—vodka, whiskey, brandy, gin, tequila, and rum—rum is often the last one we hear people say is their go-to. This probably stems from some misunderstandings of rum. Just as whiskey-lovers sip whiskey in a neat fashion so that they can savor each note, you can do the same with rum. It makes the perfect piña colada for a day in the sun, but you can also enjoy the right rum on its own. Enjoy a review of Cihuatán Nahual Legacy Blend Rum and get ready to send out invitations for an evening of rum tasting.

The Origins of Cihuatán Nahual Legacy Blend

Imagine a goddess blessing the land where you would grow sugar cane, which you would then turn into a beautiful golden, brown liquid known as rum. That is the story told in the Cihuatán valley of El Salvador, a land of rich soil and clear waters.

The Cihuatán Distillery is less than 20 years old, but don’t let that fool you. The distillers know what they’re doing, and this sometimes hard-to-find rum will make you wonder why you haven’t been enjoying rum more often.

The Notes

You can taste each note in this rum if you take your time and drink it neat rather than with a mixer. Cihuatán Nahual Legacy Blend carries notes of vanilla and caramel thanks to its wonderful sweetness, with hints of cacao and woody notes as well. It has a fabulous aroma, and your sense of smell will catch the vanilla before your lips do.

A Work of Art

Before you even taste Cihuatán Nahual Legacy Blend Rum, it will win you over with its stunning bottle. Covered in ancient Mayan symbols using rich colors of gold and teal, the design is nothing less than a work of art. It will add an elegance to your bar, and it’s an excellent conversation piece.

A review of Cihuatán Nahual Legacy Blend Rum is only helpful if used as direction. As you search for high-end rums, take your time and enjoy the experience as you discover different notes and ways to enjoy rum. Choose the rum that brings all your senses to life.