How To Drink Bourbon Like a Bibulous

Bourbon, which is an American whiskey, must be at least 51% corn to call itself a bourbon. Although bourbons are sometimes made elsewhere, many feel it should not be given the honor of the name bourbon if it isn’t from Kentucky. If you love the smooth brown liquor, follow these tips on how to drink bourbon like a bibulous for even greater enjoyment.

Choosing a Bourbon

The best way to begin is to just jump in. Get friends’ opinions if you know others who enjoy the art of bourbon. You could also ask your liquor store for suggestions. As you progress and become adventurous in the world of bourbon, you can buy rare bourbon online, which makes for a fun tasting with friends.

The Pour

Do not pour a bourbon—no matter its price—like it is a glass of water on a hot summer day. Bourbon is to be sipped slowly while cherished with others or on your own for relaxation. Pour a small amount, maybe a couple of ounces or less, into an appropriate glass.

Add a splash of water if you don’t enjoy that familiar burn that comes with sipping a bourbon. Some love that feeling and some do not. But you can enjoy it either way.

Swirl and Sniff

Swirl your bourbon around the glass a bit, coating the glass with your liquid gold. Next, get your nose into the glass fairly close to the bourbon, about an inch away, and breathe in deeply. Prepare for a warm, wonderful aroma.

As you inhale, you’ll get a sense of what that particular bourbon is going to taste like by experiencing what is referred to as the “notes” in the bourbon. You may smell caramel, a sweet fruity smell, or a nutty aroma. Every bourbon is different, and that is part of the enjoyment.

Roll and Taste

Bourbon connoisseurs use the word “chew” when they refer to this step. What it really means is to roll the bourbon all around your tongue, letting it hit every taste bud. Bourbon has layers of flavor. As you chew your bourbon, you’ll notice each layer. Take your time, roll with it, and enjoy.

Swallow and Inhale

Finally, you can swallow this warm, delicious drink you have prepared for. After swallowing, take a breath through your nose to gain even another perspective on the notes as it goes down your throat.

An enjoyable part of tasting in this way with others who also appreciate it is discussing all your findings as you try new bourbons. Each step of the tasting process will help you decide which ones are your favorites.

VS Liquor is here for your rare bourbon needs and to answer any questions you have. We love discussing how to drink bourbon like a bibulous and can help you get started or continue your bourbon journey.