A Review of Jameson Limited Reserve Whiskey

Whiskey drinkers have long loved Jameson whiskey. Its Irish heritage adds to its charm—it has been distilled on the Emerald Isle and shipped internationally since the 19th century. The Jameson distilleries in County Cork, Ireland, and Dublin are rich with history. In this review of Jameson Limited Reserve Whiskey, we will discuss why your collection needs not only the old standby of Jameson but also its friend, the Limited Reserve.

Aged for 18 Years

Yes, you read that correctly. Jameson’s Limited Reserve is matured in oak barrels for 18 years, giving it plenty of time to absorb the wonderful flavors and aromas only an oak barrel can bring. Plus, it’ll be love at first site when you observe the gorgeous dark amber that comes from many years of sitting in oak barrels.

The Notes

With great maturity comes great taste. Jameson Limited Reserve is best described as mellow, smooth, and complex. The nose will sense a sweetness of banana and sherry along with the earthy smells of vanilla and toffee. To enjoy these beautiful aromas, use the proper whiskey glass and let your nose linger inside it before bringing the whiskey to your lips.

The taste is complex, with hints of fudge and leather and the nuttiness of sherry. You’ll also enjoy vanilla and a little spice as you chew on this reserve whiskey.

How To Enjoy Jameson Limited Reserve Whiskey

You can enjoy Jameson neat or over ice. Observing the two-finger rule when you’re tasting is recommended. This allows plenty of room in your whiskey glass for those warm whiskey aromas to breathe and make their way up to your nose.

Some people prefer a splash of water in the glass, feeling it opens up the whiskey even more. We suggest you try the whiskey with and without water to see what you prefer. (It’s the perfect excuse to enjoy more than one glass.)

After tantalizing your sense of smell, take a sip and roll the whiskey around with your tongue before swallowing. This is what whiskey connoisseurs refer to as “chewing” the whiskey. It allows the taster to get all the notes the whiskey has to offer as it reaches each taste bud.

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