How To Store and Display Your Liquor Collection

A great liquor collection should not be hidden. Thrill guests as they walk in the door by displaying what you have to offer. Many liquors are chosen not only because of their taste but because the bottle was irresistible. Show off those beautiful bottles and keep them out of harm’s way for plenty of enjoyment. Here are some ideas about how to store and display your liquor collection.

Room Temperature

If whiskey could talk, it would ask politely to be removed from the refrigerator should one make that mistake.

Hard liquor is meant to be kept at room temperature. However, this doesn’t mean you have to drink it that way. Always drink your liquor the way you prefer. Just be sure to keep the bottles out of the refrigerator and at room temperature while storing them.

If you like your vodka or gin icy cold when mixing, simply put it in the freezer for a bit before your 5:00pm cocktail.


A cold, dark cellar isn’t necessary, but try to keep your liquor collection away from direct sunlight. It’s okay if there are windows in the room where your collection is, but don’t park the bottles directly in front of the sunniest window in your house.

Just as the sun can age our skin, it can also change the color of liquor over time. That means the dark amber color of your rare tequila might fade to something more of a dark yellow if exposed to the sun’s rays too often.

Keep the Children Safe

If children are in your home or visit often, you’ll need to take that into consideration when choosing how to store and display your liquor collection.

Make sure little ones cannot reach anything harmful by keeping liquor stored at the right height or locking it in a cabinet.

Displaying Your Liquor Collection

And now on to the fun part—displaying your rare and beautiful collection. Using some creative ideas and old standbys, a bar or liquor display can often be created in a day. Choose your style and then choose the best room for the job.

Open Shelving

Extremely popular in kitchens, open shelving is a beautiful option for your liquor display. Allow your bottles to share space with your dinnerware already on display in the kitchen for an artsy or retro vibe. Or, add some open shelving in the living room, rec room, or dining room. Make it convenient while also making it fun.

Wine Rack

Your favorite wine rack can hold more than just wine. Many are wide enough to also hold bottles of liquor right along with the wine.

Most likely there’s space on the top of wall-mounted wine racks to allow for all your wine and liquor to be stored in one spot for further convenience.


Hutches both old and new make a beautiful backdrop for a liquor collection. The great thing about a hutch is that once the liquor is displayed, you now have a great area for a bar.

Most hutches have cabinets, drawers, and shelves, making the possibilities endless for storing drinking glasses, cocktail napkins, and anything else to go along with the spirits.


Bookcases are basically just shelving. They have so many more uses beyond book storage, and a liquor display is one of them.

Add a bookshelf in between the bookshelves you already have and use it for liquor and glassware. It will be a treat for the eyes to go from books to liquor then back to books.

Or better yet, share the shelves and display books amongst the liquor collection. Books add a touch of sophistication and beauty to anything. Mix that with your unique liquor collection and you’ll have quite a display.

Portable Bar Cart

A classic and a favorite, the portable cart is a great option when you are low on space.

Any cart can be turned into a liquor cart. Antique brass carts are lovely, as are many modern carts designed for the kitchen or even the bathroom. Spray paint can turn a portable cart into any color you choose.

The best part is you can now move your display from one room to another.


The sky is the limit here. Many older things we love or use simply as a decorative piece can make a great liquor display.

Large old buffets offer plenty of space on the top for many liquor bottles. Add a few mirrored trays to make the bottles sparkle.

The family’s old wooden sewing table can be used rather than just sitting and collecting dust. Simply set the bottles on top and now you have a liquor display and a conversation piece.

Old pianos not in use make fabulous bars and displays. They have amazing storage potential for both liquor collections and drinking glasses.

If antiques fit your style, use your imagination and hit the flea market for inspiration.

Keep It Clean and Organized

Once your liquor collection is safely displayed, it’s a good idea to create a system to keep it organized and clean.

Keep a notepad nearby to jot down what you are low on as soon as you notice. It’s no fun throwing a party only to find out in the midst of it that there’ll be no bourbon drinks or martinis due to low liquor supply. Be prepared and ready for anything.

After entertaining, wipe up sticky spots amongst the bottles and whatever is being use for the display or bar. Drips are bound to happen, and it’s best to wipe them up quickly. Use a damp cloth on bottles without getting them soaking wet so you can protect the labels that you love.

About once a week, try to wipe down bottles with a dry cloth to remove dust. You’ve taken the time to create a beautiful collection—it’s time to let it shine.

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How To Store and Display Your Liquor Collection