Five Blanco Tequilas Made for Sipping

Tequila, sometimes humorously referred to as the devil’s water, is derived from Mexico’s sweet agave plant. Tequila is known for its beautiful bottles, intense layers of flavor, and ability to give us a margarita. Still, some tequilas are too good to use only in cocktails. In this article, we’ll look at five blanco tequilas made for sipping.

But first, let’s start by defining blanco tequila.

What Is Blanco Tequila?

Blanco tequila is recognizable by its clear color. It’s a young tequila, aged two months at most—but often not aged at all. This lack of aging brings us the purest form of the distilled agave plant. To taste pure, unadulterated tequila, one must try blanco tequila.

How To Sip Tequila

Many people have never sipped tequila on its own. They’ve enjoyed it in many of their favorite cocktails, such as the tequila sunrise and the margarita, but sadly, they’ve still missed out. When you’re ready to sip this unique, Mexican spirit, use the following tips:

Use the Proper Glass

Drinkware is designed with the purpose of allowing our senses to gain a complete experience from the liquor we’re drinking. Glassware plays an important role in assisting our senses of smell and taste as we sip our spirit of choice. Tequila is best enjoyed in a glass designed for it, such as a small tulip glass or tall shot glass.

Don’t Use Lime or Salt

When you’re sipping tequila in its purest form, please—no lime and salt. Your season of doing shots is done. Savor a beautiful tequila for everything it is.

Swirl, Smell, Sip

Swirl your tequila so that it coats the glass. Next, place your nose near the lower rim of the glass as you slightly tilt it, and breathe in your tequila. Lastly, take a small sip and chew it as you would a whiskey to discover the layers of flavor.

Top Five Blanco Tequilas for Sipping

Now that we’ve wet your whistle with thoughts of sipping tequila, let’s get on to choosing the best. The following is our list of the five blanco tequilas made for sipping:

  1. Don Julio Blanco: A beautiful silvery color, this tequila is light with notes of citrus. Enjoy Don Julio on the rocks.
  2. Casa Dragones Blanco: Fresh tasting with green apple and grapefruit notes, Casa Dragones is delicious when chilled over ice.
  3. Clase Azul Plata: Smooth and with the perfect amount off sweetness, Clase Azul Plata is a tequila to drink neat.
  4. Fortaleza Lot 100 Blanco: Begins with honey-roasted agave notes and finishes bold with peppery and earthy notes
  5. Perfectomundo Platinum Tequila Blanco: Award winning and ultra smooth, Perfectomundo is best served over ice.

We hope you find our guide helpful as you grow your tequila collection or begin your tequila journey. Tequila is rich in Mexican history and unsurpassed in smooth flavors. At VS Liquor, we carry hard-to-find tequila for sipping and mixing. Contact us or browse our online store for all your rare liquor needs.