Top Gift Ideas for Whiskey Lovers

Gift giving is the perfect way to let someone know you care about them, or are grateful for them, or that you’re simply thinking of them. We’ve created a list of the top gift ideas for whiskey lovers, so the next time your biggest whiskey fan needs a fun gift, you’ll be ready.

A Whiskey Decanter

Although a decanter is designed to open up a spirit. It’s often used because of the way it looks. Think of a whiskey decanter as a way to dress up your whiskey; it adds a touch of sophistication to the drink and to the bar as well.

A stunning decanter sitting on a home bar brings guests back to the days of smoking jackets, cigars, and the menfolk discussing the workweek. The sophistication and nostalgia make a decanter a wonderful gift.

Proper Whiskey Glasses

Glassware serves a purpose. When it comes to liquor, each type of glass is designed so we get the perfect sniff, then the perfect taste as we indulge our senses. The gift of some whiskey glasses will thrill a whiskey lover. Consider something personal with a whiskey glass set that has their initials or even quotes they enjoy.

Chilled Whiskey Stones

Whiskey connoisseurs enjoy a small amount of ice when they’re drinking whiskey neat to help open it up. However, sometimes the ice melts too quickly, and the whiskey tastes watered down. The answer to this dilemma is the whiskey stone.

Stones are kept in the freezer and act like ice cubes, but without the water, so there’s no risk of diluting the drink. They also look really cool in a whiskey glass. Chilled whiskey stones are a fantastic gift for the wine lover in your life.

Ice Ball Maker

An ice ball maker is a fantastic gift; this is another way you can chill a drink without the risk of watering it down. When water is frozen into a ball, it melts slower than regular ice cubes. You may see an ice ball in a drink like the famous Old Fashioned.

A Whiskey Cigar Set

You don’t have to smoke cigars when drinking whiskey—however, some people enjoy the combination quite a bit. If your whiskey lover does, then the whiskey cigar set is perfect. These sets come with a cigar cutter, whiskey stones, and a lighter. The only thing missing is John Wayne. Classic Vega Fina 

A Watch From a Barrel

Bourbon whiskey lovers will be thrilled to receive an attractive watch made from reclaimed oak bourbon barrels. These watches are handsomely designed with wooden faces and leather bands. Don’t be surprised if your whiskey fan immediately sniffs the watch for remnants of bourbon.

The Most Obvious Gift

We saved the best for last—whiskey, of course! Give the whiskey lover in your life more whiskey. You can’t go wrong. Those who enjoy it never have enough. They love to try new bottles and collect as many as possible, so don’t be afraid to go out on a limb and grab a new kind.

We hope our list of the top gift ideas for whiskey lovers is helpful the next time you’re gift shopping. VS Liquor is here to help with all your liquor gift needs. Our online store is the place to buy rare whiskey online, along with all hard-to-find liquors. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you fulfill your gift list.