The Best Mixers to Pair With Tequila

Aficionados call tequila “the nectar of the gods,” and after trying it with a mixer or two, you might do so as well. But the true origin of tequila is the nectar of the blue agave plant. Created in Mexico, tequila is a drink that people often describe as earthy and sweet. Prepare the salt and limes, and get ready for many other flavor options as we discuss the best mixers to pair with tequila.

The Classic Lime

We have to mention the most obvious combination first—lime juice with tequila. Margaritas, shots, or just a little fresh lime juice and an ice cube mixed with tequila all seem like perfectly fitting accompaniments for it.

That bright sparkle of citrus somehow tones down the burn a young tequila can bring. If refreshment is what you seek, then lime juice is what your tequila needs.


If you’ve never tried it, jalapeño gives any tequila cocktail a fun kick (no surprise there) but also a hot sweetness that brings out and complements tequila’s often saccharine notes.

Squeeze some of the pepper into your margarita for a spicy change, or try the latest craze of creating a tequila old fashioned. We know that may send old fashioned connoisseurs into a panic, but hear us out.

The key is to use añejo tequila, which earns its name because it’s aged longer than most tequilas, giving it an oak essence similar to whiskey. Now, do we have your attention?

Use the usual old fashioned recipe, but replace the simple syrup with agave nectar, and put in a whole jalapeño or toss a small slice into the glass. Through this, the spicy, tequila old fashioned is born.

Club Soda

The fizz in club soda, along with its minerals and hint of saltiness, mellows the bite of tequila and brings out its earthy notes.

Add a splash of lime, and you’ve got the perfect warm weather, sitting-on-the-deck drink.

Tomato Juice

A classic mixer for so many spirits, tomato juice brings a savoriness to the table that many other mixers can’t offer.

Mix it in with a glass of ice and your favorite tequila. Or, for those nights when you’re reliving your glory days with friends, throw back a shot of tequila along with a tomato juice chaser. As a bonus, tomato juice is full of antioxidants, so that technically makes it a bit like your morning smoothie.

Coconut Water

If you’ve read the title of this section and are now thinking, “why didn’t I think of that,” it’s because coconut and tequila just make sense, which is why it’s one of the best mixers to pair with tequila.

Add a small amount of this refreshing water to your favorite tequila and transport yourself right into a tropical island (in your head, at least).

This spirit that people lovingly refer to as “Mexican water” is sure to become your favorite as you take a chance and try different mixers.

And a little advice: experts say tequila will only take revenge if you start the fight. In other words, drink it gently, and it’ll spare you a hangover. Drink it fast and hard, and it’ll finish what you started.

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