Warm Weather Cocktails: Best Spirits To Keep On Hand

Freshly mowed lawns remind us we survived winter and it’s time to breathe the fresh air. What better way to do so than with your favorite summertime cocktail? Dust off the outdoor furniture, scrub the grill, and add the best spirits to keep on hand for warm weather cocktails to your grocery list. It’s never too early to start planning for good times with friends and family.


Gin is one of the most refreshing of all spirits and often makes its debut each year in spring and summer.

The base of gin is juniper berries, and the flavors of each gin beyond after that, from florals, fruits, and botanicals, all of which are perfect additions to citrusy warm weather cocktails.

Try pairing gin with grapefruit or the classic gin and tonic with a splash of lime for the perfect lounging-on-the-deck drink.


Vodka and lemonade, anyone? As a classic, sunny cocktail, vodka also mixes well with orange or cranberry juice over ice.

Vodka is considered a neutral liquor, meaning it pairs well with just about anything. It is often described as peppery and creamy, and it is now offered in flavors such as lemon, which gives you even more opportunity to experiment with cocktails.

Don’t forget the favorite Moscow Mule; enjoy it chilled in a copper cup for a cool summer drink.


Because of the many variations of the margarita, tequila gives all other spirits a run for their money when competing among the most-loved warm weather cocktails. Classic, strawberry, raspberry—you name it—the margarita has done it.

But let’s not leave out a couple of other classics. The tequila sunrise and Long Island iced tea both make summer complete.


Have you ever noticed your tan looks better while sipping a piña colada? We think so too.

For those sunny day-drinking Saturdays that bring us mojitos, daiquiris, and a new favorite (rum and coconut water), add white rum to your collection.

When the sun goes down, take off the sunglasses (shoes optional) and pour the sexy “dark and stormy,” which consists of dark rum, lime, and ginger beer.


Bourbon is an all-weather classic and does it all so well. However, let’s discuss why it’s one of the best spirits to keep on hand for warm weather cocktails.

Fancy hats aren’t the only thing to debut each year in early May during the Kentucky derby. The mint julip (bourbon, mint, and soda) also makes its presence known, and it is only fitting since Kentucky is the birthplace of bourbon.

Also, try the whiskey smash, which is made with bourbon, mint, lemon, and sugars for a refreshing summer afternoon.

In conclusion, we suggest you drink whatever it is you enjoy, no matter the weather. However, if you have anticipated the warmer months with great patience (as we have), feel free to reward yourself with a few classics, as well as new warm weather cocktails.

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