Top Reasons Why People Like To Drink Moonshine

Have you ever enjoyed a drink for more than its taste? Maybe there was a great story behind the way it’s made, or the history is so incredible you just had to try it? That’s moonshine. It’s not a drink; it’s a legend. Follow along, and we think you’ll agree. We found the top reasons why people like to drink moonshine.

Rebellious Roots

People have drunk moonshine for centuries, but it was prohibition that put it in America’s history books. The term moonshine meant any illegally made alcohol. When the government said, “No more booze,” many Americans secretly made moonshine, and bootleggers sold it.

Today, brands like Sugarland Distilling Company create delicious temptations with the label moonshine to take us back to a rebellious time. When we drink moonshine, our inner rebel emerges, and that adds to the fun.

It’s Versatile

One of the top reasons people like to drink moonshine is its versatility. Depending on the flavor, you can mix it, drink it on ice, make your favorite cocktails, or enjoy it neat. Here are some ways people prefer their moonshine:

  • An Arnold Palmer: instead of vodka, add moonshine to your mix of lemonade and sweet tea.
  • Mix it with Coke.
  • A grapefruit juice and moonshine combination is refreshing in the summer.

The Experience

It’s impossible to drink moonshine without pointing out that it’s moonshine. In other words, moonshine tells an American story, and we all love that. Moonshine is distilled in America and bottled in Mason jars. Can you get any more charming than that?

For many Americans, moonshine represents freedom, fight, and tenacity. It represents the American spirit. Moonshine calls for campfires, friends, and laughter. It’s a great drink, but it’s also an experience.

If you haven’t tried moonshine yet, we hope you do. Most people buy it because of its unique look, sitting there on the shelves in an old-fashioned glass jar, but end up buying again because the flavors are fantastic. At VS Liquor, we offer specialty liquor online for the same reason people search for moonshine. We understand you want something unique and fun to add to your liquor collection. Look at our online store or give us a call, and we’ll help you choose the perfect moonshine—or any other rare liquor you need. Until then, cheers to some tenacity and a healthy dose of rebellion.