White Wine: It’s What’s for Summer

Every wine has its place. We love our red wine with a hearty steak or sipped by the fire on a cold winter night… but we love our whites in the summer. We’ve waited patiently for summer to arrive, and here it is. Stock up on a variety of whites, keep them chilled, and let’s talk about how to enjoy white wine in the summer.

Chill Out

If you happen to have a wine refrigerator, you can store and serve your white wines at the perfect temperature, which is just above refrigerated temp at 49 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. For the rest of us, we can chill our wine to the temperature we simply enjoy. Keep whites refrigerated so that they’re ready to serve when the mood strikes.

If you must store your wine at room temperature, here are a few tricks to get it chilled quickly when friends stop by for a summer afternoon on the deck:

  • Stick a bottle in the freezer for 20 minutes.
  • Submerge it in an ice bath in the sink or in a bucket.
  • Add ice to your glass. Some people consider this a faux pas, but honestly, if you like your white wine cold and don’t mind a little dilution as the ice melts, it’s more genius than a faux pas. To avoid dilution, freeze ice stones made for drinks or use frozen grapes as ice cubes.

Fruit and Spritzers

A wine spritzer is a mixture of white wine and club soda or sparkling water. It makes for a refreshing summer drink. We think adding some frozen fruit to the spritzer makes the drink even prettier and delicious as the fruit defrosts. The frozen fruit also keeps the wine chilled. Try peaches or lemon for the perfect combination.

The Right Glass

Now that your white wine is chilled, pour it into a proper white wine glass. We promise it’s not just for looks. White wine glasses are designed with a stem so that your hand doesn’t warm the bowl and, in turn, warm the wine. After all your work to get the wine chilled, there’s no need to warm it back up.

Also, white wine glasses have smaller bowls and rims than red wine glasses because white wine’s bouquet is more delicate. It needs to be a bit more trapped so that your nose can enjoy those fruity notes.

Pair White Wine with Food

It’s five o’clock somewhere, so please enjoy your favorite summer white wine at any time of day. We won’t judge. However, if the plan is to pair your wine with a meal, we have a few suggestions:

  • Pinot grigio: Pairs well with buttery lobster or a garlicky shrimp dish
  • Sauvignon blanc: For sushi or grilled vegetables
  • Chardonnay: Pair with roasted chicken, creamy pastas, and cheese-filled charcuterie boards

Now that you know how to enjoy white wine in the summer, VS Liquor is here to help you choose the right white wine for your collection. We enjoy the beauty and delicateness of a chilled white wine, and that’s why we only carry top brands and rare white wines. Contact us or shop our online store for high-end liquor and all your wine needs.